Mexican Food Vancouver

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There is no shortage of Mexican food in Vancouver. Chihuahua’s takes pride in it’s Mexican food. We serve fresh food daily and each serving is made with pride and designed by authentic Mexican chefs. We try to keep our Mexican food Mexican and remove the heavy american influences that often leak into other Mexican restaurants. I think that’s what sets … Read More

The Hottest Mexican Restaurants


Zagat has put together the Hottest Mexican Restaurants across the US. Next time you’re across the border make sure you drop in on one of these guys! El Camino in Washington, DC Why it’s hot: This newish hot spot in hipster-heavy Bloomingdale delivers its popular tacos, brunch dishes and fish-of-the-day specials on mismatched vintage china or in skillets with a backdrop of a … Read More

How to eat a 7lb burrito

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It’s obvious that eating a 7lb burrito is going to be tough work and completely impossible for most of us. Here’s Furious Pete very un-gracefully teaching you how it’s done. Sam Yehia

Salsa and how to make Pico de Gallo

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Welcome to our Blog! Here is a space we plan to share our ideas, thoughts, recipes and particularly my know-how so that we can all share in this theme of continuing education. Salsa What is it? In Spanish it directly translates to Sauce, however in the English language we know Salsa’s mainly as dips, specifically Mexican Based Dips, like the all common … Read More