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I just read a great article on The Guardian about how the UK has begun a love affair with Mexican food. In fact the number of Mexican restaurants has risen by over %71 in the last year.  We hardly blame them for jumping on board such a great cuisine, but will they do its flavours any justice or will it become a fast food like Taco bell? From their research it’s still unclear where the new restaurants are stealing the business from, but it seems to be very welcome.

The article went on to mention that the UK are also getting posh-burger chains Five Guys and Shake Shack.

In the last year alone, the number of Mexican restaurants, led by brands such as Wahaca and Barburrito, has risen by 71%. The growth has even outstripped the upmarket burger phenomenon, which has seen newcomers Byron and Five Guys mount a serious challenge to McDonald’s and Burger King.


Via The Guardian

By Sam Yehia

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